Stolen Hearts, Second Chances
Katherine “Kat” Maxwell swears she is done with robbing houses after this last job. Unfortunately she is currently robbing her ex-husbands house. About to make a fast getaway she runs into two problems: Her daughter has just appeared right before her and both nearly succumb to a gas leak. Thankfully her ex-husband, Greg, rescues them both.

Greg Maxwell is shocked to find his ex-wife in his house but quickly figures out what Kat is doing there. Had it not been for her, he and their daughter might not have survived the deadly gas leak. Still, he’s not sure he’s ready to forgive her and what drove them apart the first time. But his heart has something else in mind. Could he allow her to steal his heart and give them a second chance at love?

His Son, Their Matchmaker
Patrick Grant and Megan Trent are about to be set up on a date but not by a dating service or even by mutual friends. Their matchmaker is one mischievous ten year old boy named Timothy: Patrick’s son and Megan’s student. Soon, both parent and teacher will learn a lesson about love.












The Magic of the Middle Elevator

Jennifer Roarke is heading for divorce court. Dashing into the closing elevator, she finds her companion to be none other than her soon to be ex-husband, Jonathan. She thought about dashing out but it was only a few minutes ride in an elevator... until they got stuck... and a little magic happened.








Bodyguard Lucien Trace was good at his job. Damn good. Following two rules kept him sane: Staying away from the Hollywood-ites and never get personal. A call from his uncle would have him break both of those rules and shatter the biggest rule of all: Falling in love.

Hollywood’s darling, Madison Jordan didn’t have time to deal with a pushy bodyguard. She had enough issues complicating her life already: A domineering mother, a weight complex... oh and a stalker who wanted to kill her. A break in with an ominous message in the form of a knife through her picture kept Trace in her home, but would she willingly let him into her heart

Under His Protection
Alexander “Lex” Cameron didn’t have time to visit his family let alone have one of his own, but that’s exactly what he got the day he nearly ran over the slip of a girl who dashed in front of his Harley. He gave her a ride to safety, then gave her his name when he found a Wanted: Dead or Alive poster with her picture on it. It wasn’t just about her anymore; it was about her unborn child and the strong hold they both had on his heart.

Tina Garrett came to California with her best friend and the hopes and dreams of becoming the next big sensation in the fashion world. Instead, she witnessed a murder, found herself pregnant and held against her will. Managing to escape, she ran into or rather in front of a motorcycle and its brusque owner. He gets her to safety then shocks her by getting her to the preacher but can he get to her in time when danger comes calling? Or would she lose her life before losing the chance to tell him what’s in her heart? 




Watching Over Her
Jack Cameron hadn’t seen her in years but there she was in all her spitfire glory, glaring down at him. And she was still damned beautiful. No matter what their past, no matter what she wanted or didn’t want, she had a stalker and he would be watching over her until the mystery of who the stalker was solved and she was safe once again. But his body burned for her, ached for her, needed her; it was his head that needed convincing to stop running and his heart that would lead the way home where he belonged, back to her.

Arabella Carson thought she was over Jack Cameron. She had finally found her path and sung her way to success, headlining a new supper club. So why was he back?  And why did her body have to remind her how good they had been together? When a few of what she thought were accidents began to turn more deadly, she gave in to his protection, then gave into the need for his touch for just one night. But would one night be enough for them both? More importantly, would Jack’s protection be enough to save her from the deranged man who meant to silence her voice forever?





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