From time to time or sometimes, a lot, authors will be rejected by publishing houses including the very ones they write for. It's the nature of the business and we accept it, but that doesn't mean we have to keep these things hidden away. We also might write a story that isn't good for any format but again, it's a story we love that demanded to be told. Please check out the stories below for free and I hope you enjoy them as much as I had writing them.

Free Read Selections

  • Her Snow Angel
    Her Snow Angel is the sweet story of a bad day turned good. Lisa Mills thought her day would never get better until she slips and falls into the arms of Nick Montgomery. Could this really be the start of a better day and more?

    Click here to read the quirky tale of Lisa and Nick.
  • Never Too Late For Love
    In Never Too Late For Love, it’s their anniversary and he’s late again. Or is he? Ride the emotional wave of anger and fear, love and forgiveness with someone that could be just like you.

    Click here to read this heartrending tale.

  • Forgiven by Grace
    Forgiven By Grace is the story of Jack Austin, newly deceased, now a ghost who needs the forgiveness of Grace to get into Heaven. Unfortunately, Grace is his ex-wife and they did not part friends. Jack must come to terms first with his death then with his former life, how he lived it and how it affected Grace. He doesn't know how he will accomplish this since he is dead only to realize the first of his many mistakes in not believing she could speak with the dead. Jack and Grace will relive their memories and come to terms both with each other and their hearts to continue down the next path in their lives. But will he be Forgiven By Grace?

    Click here to read the emotional tale of Jack and Grace.
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