Another New Pen Name!! Another New Web Site!! Another New Book Series!!

Yes! Another new pen name for a whole other genre and this one, is very kid friendly. In fact, it’s just for kids! Let me introduce you to Shea Gibson, author of Children’s books! Years ago, I fell in love with middle grade and young adult books. They told stories that were so good, they kept me up at night plotting my own middle grade and young adult stories. It took a while, but finally, it’s here!

Of course, I still love series books, so that’s what I’m writing! First up, a middle grade fantasy series that will hopefully leave you wanting more. There will be five books in this series, each one will have a point of view of one character, a new character for each new book. Think magic! Think adventure! Think flying pizzas! That’s all I’ll say about it here.

Check out my brand-new website where you can find out all things Shea Gibson and this new adventure in writing. I hope you love it as much as I do. See you soon! Shea Gibson

New Pen Name! New Web Site! New Book Series!

Yes, you heard me correctly! I’m introducing a new series that will blend two of my favorite genres, Romance and Suspense with a genre that is outside of my comfort zone, one I’ve never written before: Erotic!

In this four book series, I’ll be introducing new characters living a lifestyle that is hot hot hot! I hope that you love reading it as much as I have writing it and, I hope that I’ve done the BDSM lifestyle, in my own fictional way, justice! Action, Suspense and Hot Sex¦ Oh My!